Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch perfect 2 is coming out in theaters on May 15, 2015. Pitch Perfect was a really popular and hilarious movie. It was rated 7.3/10 which is actually pretty okay for movies these days.
To sum up the first movie, it is about a college student named Beca (Played by Anna Kendrick). There is an acapella group called The Barden Bella’s that are recruiting eight girls to perform in a big competition. However, this group consists of nice girls, mean girls, and weird girls. They all have some sort of talent whether it is singing or dancing. The second movie is about The Bella’s going to an international competition that no American team has ever won. The girls in the team are close now and don’t loathe each other anymore like they did before.

If I were to review the first movie, it would probably be around 7/10. It was really heartwarming yet strangely funny at the same time which are two of the best combinations. I definitely wouldn’t say it is as funny as people say it is, but it is the type of movie that you would watch on a Friday night by yourself. I don’t think they could have made it better if they tried because it already exceeded my expectations. It has a perfect cast, Rebel Wilson obviously makes the movie. The first movie was known to have bold humor. I can already tell by the trailer that the next one will be so much better than the previous one. If you find the trailers somewhat amusing and enjoy people singing and dancing, these movies will be the best for you.

Here is the trailer for the first movie and the second one.
Also here are some relevant pictures below. WC:300




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