Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a pretty popular movie, the majority of the people I know have seen it. It is basically a movie about girls trying to ruin each others lives. There may be some weird parts in this movie, but there are some lessons to live by.

One  life lesson would be that sabotaging a girl in your school is a lot of work and no one should do it.  You shouldn’t go out of your way to actually ruin somebodies life; I guess there is an exception to this movie. Regina George has definitely not been the best person to the entire student body. Karma does exist in my opinion and you can just leave it at that.

Another lesson would be that everyone’s opinion does matter. Sometimes it is best to speak the truth; you never know how it can help someone in the future. Being truthful should always be the way to go, no one likes a liar. Telling the truth doesn’t always pay off but it does show that the truth hurts.


The third lesson is that you should always apologize for doing something wrong. In the end of the movie you see a somewhat inspirational (maybe not) scene where everyone lets out how they feel. Of course, words do hurt when you purposely try to hurt someone, that’s why it is important to speak up for yourself.

The last lesson is to always look both ways when crossing the street. You never know if a bus will run you over or if someone will “accidentally” push you in front of it.

To sum it up, Mean Girls will always be one of those movies that can never get old. It will never disappear and someone will always be watching it. Here is the movie and a quiz to see if you can make “fetch” happen.



One thought on “Mean Girls

  1. griff94 says:

    Oh god, my wife always sucks me into watching these chick flicks. But if I’m honest mean girls is a pretty funny movie and has a lot of good lessons like the ones you mentioned.


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