The Fox and The Hound

I just noticed that The Fox and The Hound is on Netflix, it has probably been on there forever and I am just now realizing. I don’t really remember much of that movie at all from when I was little. All I really remember is that it is extremely sad. I re watched it and I was pretty accurate, it’s incredibly sad.

The first thing you see is the mother fox running while holding Todd (the main fox) with all her power, while she is being chased by a hunter. She drops Todd off somewhere hidden and runs away to a field where she is brutally shot by them. This is definitely not something I would recommend a little kid watching, it is a terrible scene. The mother sacrificed herself because she knew there was no possible way she could out run the hunter. I know I just needed to rant about that part, I just don’t think that was necessary. I understand that a little kid might not really care as much as I do if they don’t appreciate foxes. It was just too sad for my taste and I can’t even imagine myself watching that as a child.

After that, an old woman takes care of Todd. Their relationship is very cute, she is like his mother. She lived alone so I think that she was really lonely and he saved her from that. As time goes on, Todd is very bored and he goes and meets the dog, Copper. They are best friends but then that is ruined because the dog’s owner is obsessed with killing Todd. To sum it up, they grow apart. It’s really sad because you see them start their lives without each other. I’ve said this a lot but I wouldn’t recommend it because it is depressing. WC:307

Here is the movie,  and here’s another post about it.

No, you won't.

No, you won’t.

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