Animal Testing

Something that has really been bothering me lately is animal testing. I feel like this subject is brought up occasionally, but nothing is really done about it. There are tons of people all around the world using so many products and brands at once; they aren’t even realizing that those items are tested on animals. I think the main problem is that people don’t know about it, if they knew more about what happened behind those closed doors, they might not use those products ever again.

I have always known about animal testing. Although, I didn’t really think that most brands I use on an everyday basis were actually doing it. I had no idea that all these different items that people actually need were tested on animals. There are things like make-up, shampoo, skin care, cleaning products, toothpaste, candy, tissues, and only so much more. It is very upsetting how you can own so many of these things. The only thing you can really do to not support this is to stop purchasing specific brands. Of course there are things like donations, petitions, and campaigns that help the cause.

If you’re ever unsure if a product is cruelty free,  just check the back. If it has a little bunny logo, it is. Over millions of animals are abused by animal testing per year. Some great beauty brands I have found that are completely cruelty free are: Wet n Wild, Elf, Nyx, Urban Decay (owned by Loreal, but Loreal does test and they do not), Too Faced, The Body Shop, Burt’s Bees, Carmex, Eco Tools Cosmetic Brushes, Milani, Bath & Body Works, and tons more.

Here is a list of most of the brands that do test on animals, and here is a list of cruelty free beauty products and household products. WC: 302



2 thoughts on “Animal Testing

  1. kendallbradley12 says:

    Animal testing is starting to become a trending topic. Back in the day, I believe it was necessary, but now with all the technology we have there should be a way around using animals as testers. Great post!


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