The book Divergent by Veronica Roth is the best book ever. I haven’t had the time to read many books in my free time (Possibly because of Netflix), but I when I started to read this book a while ago, I could physically could not put it down.

It is about a futuristic dystopian society, there are factions: Erudite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, and Candor. Each child is born into a faction and is expected to stay in it. When they turn a certain age they have to choose whether they want to stay in the faction that they are in or go to another one. When they switch factions, they most likely will not see their family ever again. Tris and her brother Caleb both choose to switch factions. Caleb chooses to go to Erudite and Tris chooses Dauntless.  Dauntless are a lot of crazy people who wear all black and jump off of buildings. Then Tris meets Four. (Played by Theo James in the movie, you wouldn’t want to miss that) It is about how Tris is a Divergent, meaning that she is meant for more than one faction, which is really bad. The story just gets more intense as it goes along.

I thought the movie was amazing. I saw it on some random website because it wasn’t playing in the movie theater anymore and wasn’t even in Redbox, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. The actors are amazing and Theo James is a perfect Four. There are pictures below, including one of Theo James, because why not? Also, here are Ten signs you might be Divergent.

By the way…this is completely off topic but if anyone has ever accidentally deleted their whole entire blog post,  press CTRL+Z and it will undo. I almost cried because it is almost two in the morning and I typed like two hundred words. WC:313



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