TV shows that I am obsessed with

Some of my favorite shows on Netflix include Once Upon a Time, New Girl, The Originals, The 100, and The Vampire Diaries.The first show I became obsessed with was Once Upon a Time. It is basically a huge story about different fairy tales in one show, everyone has their own story. For example: The evil queen wasn’t always evil. She had to marry Snow White’s father, but she loathes her because Snow White “killed” her true love. Later on, there is a curse and the only person who can stop it is Snow White’s daughter, Emma. Emma is sent into the real world, and is expected to undo the spell once she turns a certain age.The most attractive person on this show is Captain Hook, which is weird because he looks nothing like the one on Peter Pan. You will get attached to people and they might die. (I am still traumatized.) Overall, it is very refreshing to watch something so addictive.

Another show I will talk about is The Vampire Diaries. This is one of those shows that make you squeeze your pillow and hide your face in it because you can’t believe what is happening. It’s a long story that has to do with two vampires, Stefan and Damon Salvatore (The hottest cast that I have ever seen in my life). They both fall in love with Elena Gilbert, and it all goes downhill from there. I never thought that I could ever watch six seasons in two days, but it happened. I thought Once Upon a Time had horrible deaths, this show literally has thousands. Something tragic happens in every single episode. This show is filled with love triangles, heartbreak, sobbing, anger, you name it. For me, the most depressing part (spoiler) was when Elena completely broke Stefan’s heart. He did so much for her and she just threw it all away, like trash. I’ll never get over it. If you love intense shows, this is the one for you. Word count: 332


The OUAT Website and the TVD Website.


3 thoughts on “TV shows that I am obsessed with

  1. me says:

    I love those shows that you listed in this post. I was so obsessed with Once Upon a Time, I saw all seasons in 3 or 4 days. I’m so in love with captain hook I wan’t him to be with Emma, and I’m so angry with Mr. Gold. I loved Peter Pan, sadly he was such a bad guy, maybe that’s what made him interesting. On the other hand, every time that i see vampire diaries I get so pissed off that I can’t stand see all the episodes, so I just watch a couple when my friend is seeing it. I like your blog!


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