Favorite Movie: Aladdin

My number one favorite movie is Aladdin. I can watch that movie five times in a row and not even get slightly annoyed from it. It makes me laugh, cry, and there are only so many lessons to learn from it. Also, I was Princess Jasmine for Halloween. Making a DIY costume is a gigantic headache, and I wouldn’t advise it to lazy people like me. As a child, I remember playing this movie over and over until my older brothers stole the VHS tape and hid it from me. Watching this and then going to Disney World just makes it look so magical and perfect.

The first lesson that this movie teaches is not to lie, especially to someone you love. In my opinion, lying is one of the worst things you can do to someone. We have all dealt with some cheaters in our lives. It is so difficult to forgive someone who had the nerve to lie to your face about something.

Another lesson is that money isn’t everything. You do not need money, royalty, an elephant, and jewelry to impress someone or feel better about yourself. Materialistic things will not prove your self worth, the only thing that will is the person you are inside. Money will never ever buy you happiness, unless you’re about to buy a puppy.

The last one would be that everyone should be able to choose who they want to love. In the movie, Jasmine is forced to marry a wealthy and good looking prince when she turns a certain age. If only we all had those type of problems… Although, she is trapped with this and has no form of freedom whatsoever. Everyone deserves to be with someone because they want to and not because they are required to.
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4 thoughts on “Favorite Movie: Aladdin

  1. lindseybalducci says:

    This is one of the best posts I’ve seen because I’m a Disney fanatic myself and Aladdin is one of my very favorites too! I totally agree that Disney movies can teach lessons while still capturing your attention and keeping you intrigued in the love story. Disney movies are the best.


  2. kendallbradley12 says:

    I enjoyed reading this post because it brought back childhood memories. I also like how you covered what the movie meant to you. It made me think of it in a different way compared to it just being a cartoon movie I used to watch.


  3. griff94 says:

    I see my wife “Lindsey” beat me to this post, ha ha. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your blog, my wife as she said is a fanatic about Disney movies–especially Aladdin. I think it’s probably one of my favorites as well. You hit a lot of points about the lessons this movie can teach us, it’s a great movie!


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